Ecodome Menü

The Developer

In October 2018 Redwood Real Estate Holding proudly opened Edocome office building in the Castle district of Budapest. Ecodome Office Building is a state-of-the-art and innovative response to both tenant and employee needs.

For its tenants, Ecodome delivers an A+ category green office building in a premium central-Buda location with lower operating costs than traditional office buildings due to its environmental conscious solutions.

Furthermore, it creates a positive, convenient and loveable atmosphere for the employees, which tenants will cherish in their struggle for keeping and motivating its staff. Developer’s great achievement was to successfully design and build such a complex building with its internal values into a historical environment with countless regulatory and site constrains.

“RedWood does not specialise in a particular area of real estate development, our current portfolio includes office-, hotel- and residential developments as well. RedWood's team is by no means a regular, mass-driven developer bringing mass products to the market. Our mission is to launch unique, outstanding projects where needs and dreams are understood and to find the best match between the plot, the function, the environment and the people. With our outlook to more developed markets we aim to bring the newest real estate trends to the Hungarian market and always incorporate them in our projects. We believe in our responsibility of creating our future environment with our buildings. And once we do so why not create more interesting, more appealing, more comfortable living and working spaces? It is not necessarily a matter costs to create better, but it definitely demands more creativity, attention to the smallest detail, dedication and love for what we do. This philosophy is what we specialise in to create distinctive living and working experiences.”

Balint, Erdei
founder CEO of Redwood Holding